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Projects involving social media posts, event flyers, posters, video production, and other marketing materials.


I did some graphic design work and photography to help promote Emma Josephson's short film, 63 Miles Away (2019) while the Proof of Concept was in production. This included an early logo design and a series of digital posters for posting on Instagram.

For more 63 Miles Away content, check out my behind-the-scenes photography from the Proof of Concept set. Also check out @63_milesaway on Instagram for the most recent updates on the project.


Solar Readiation Logo

This project was for Doug Lowell's advertising creative strategy class. The prompt was to create a brand and ad campaign to target Gen Z for a bookstore that only sells analog books.

     ​As Art Director on my team, I met with the Copywriter to have ideation sessions, where we decided that a space-themed bookstore would give Gen-Z what our research indicated they wanted: a social-media-worthy, out-of-this-world experience.

     Together, we came up with the name of the bookstore, concepts for the interior and exterior, and decided on the ad campaign. Then I designed several executions including the poster, sticker, and bus butt (ad that appears on the back of a city bus) below.

Solar Readiation Poster
Solar Readiation Sticker
Solar Readiation Bus Butt
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