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Visual Identity Design

Periscope Robotics

Electrical engineers Dylan and Jaden came to me looking for help designing a system of graphics for their freelance electrical engineering consulting business.

Old logo, wordmark, and banner:

Design goals:​
  1. Stand out from similar online competition

  2. Clarify services they offer

  3. Make it cohesive and professional

First Drafts - Digital

  • Emphasis on submarine periscope

  • Clean, scalable, cohesive

  • Poor communication (not specifically submarine consultants)

  • Not unique enough

  • Feels more like a toy company, less like professional engineering

Final Marks

  • Circuit board aesthetic more accurately communicates the company's work

  • Logo resembles two people, representing how the company is run by two engineers

  • Clean, scalable, cohesive

  • Unique among other Upwork freelance engineering consultants

Optional submarine with internal logo

  • Constructed from standard electrical engineering symbols

  • Continues circuit board motif

Business card Mock-Ups

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