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Sustainable Wardrobe App


Personal Learning Project


Sustainability, Clothing, Style

My Role

Entire product design from research to conception, visualization and testing

Project Timeline

April 2021 - Present

Before putting clothes on in the morning, I often asked myself questions like, "What pants would look good with this shirt?", "Should I grab another layer in case I get cold?", or "How many times have I worn this recently?" With a busy routine, days and outfits would blur together and getting dressed was one more task to stress about during my morning rush.

Does anyone have a solution?

GetWardrobe Logo.png
Smart Closet Logo.png
YourApparel Logo

Thinking this would be a perfect problem for a mobile app to solve, I combed the App Store for anything that could ease my frustrations. After finding and testing several wardrobe apps, the available options all took forever to setup and begin using, and were either too gender-biased and shopping oriented (SmartCloset and GetWardrobe), or were too barebones and buggy to make it worth the required setup (YourApparel).

Their solutions... but better!

In order to craft a solution that would be more functional and helpful to users, I took note of the areas where the existing products failed, features they did well, and brainstormed other elements of a perfectly managed wardrobe. What questions do people have about clothing and style? How could I make it faster for a person to catalog their entire wardrobe into an app? What features could be helpful to specific lifestyles or events? What other needs or issues come up in relation to clothing? What would cement this app as a part of the user's daily routine?

(research infographics -- under construction, sketches -- to be photographed)


TogTree logo

TogTree is a mobile app that reliably generates custom outfits for each individual user while guiding the user toward maintaining a more sustainable wardrobe. It aims to be gender-neutral and to minimize the tremendous amount of damage the apparel industry has on our environment.

Although my work on this project has mostly been a beginner's conceptual experimentation, I do hope to turn this into a real, functioning product in the future.

TogTree App screen mockup 1_Title + Phot
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